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L'Atelier Monceau

A passion for shirts, made right for you.

襯衫 shirts


We are L’Atelier Monceau, a bespoke shirt brand with a French art de vivre influence that crafts the best bespoke shirts for your needs, with passion and care.


Everything started several years ago, while living in Paris, we observed many styles that used dress shirts as a base, these different styles left a deep print in our minds when it comes to daily outfits. The French gentlemen’s dressing style seduced us.


After our Founders Yilin and Mehdi settled in Taipei, they observed that dress shirts (or Chemises in French) were mostly used in a formal way, losing many of the possibilities to incorporate shirts with different daily styles. 


There came the idea of bringing part of the French art de vivre in Taiwan, where dress shirts are a core component of dressing style, whether it is casual or formal.


After learning the sartorial art under a master tailor who has been specializing in making customized shirts for decades, they decided to bring their project to life, and... Voila! L’Atelier Monceau came to be!


We commit to helping you discover how a great bespoke shirt can accompany you through all year long, we believe that whether casual or formal, there is always a bespoke shirt to fit the occasion.

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