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Group Order

If you need to order a larger volume of shirts, 10 or more shirts for example, we can also do group orders with negotiated prices.


Depending on your needs we can arrange and customize a tailored solution to match your requests.


We always commit to producing high-quality bespoke shirts, for our group orders, the same level of quality and service is to be expected.


Unlike many that outsource their group orders, we produce our shirts ourselves in our atelier in New Taipei, this gives us full control over the production quality and speed, our advice is based on our expertise in crafting ourselves bespoke shirts for years.


Feel free to contact us so we can discuss how to create the best bespoke shirts for you and your team.

How our shirts can help your business.

Having a proper dress code will help define and affirm your brand image to your future clients. A customized bespoke dress shirt will help you define the brand feeling you want to give.



Having high-quality bespoke shirts is an important step towards business success, here is how we can help you achieve a better appearance for more business opportunities through some examples:


If you have many client appointments or visits, we can help create specific work-related bespoke business shirts to help achieve a convincing appearance for your representatives.


We can help you select specific fabrics and customization options to reach a classy representative look. A firm spread collar coupled with a quality white/blue fabric will do wonders for the outward appearance of any person.



If you are looking to impress for a future event, a show, we can help you design a set of shirts for your employees.


Whether you search for a more casual but business appearance or a very formal look, we’ll advise you on how to reach the style that fits your desires.

White blue striped bespoke shirt, Albini fabric

Lightweight twill bespoke shirt with a cutaway collar for an italian style touch. great for business casual attires.

Winchester style blue bespoke shirt, Albini fabric

Deep blue chambray bespoke shirt, winchester style. Good draping and yet lightweight. Formal attire with a strong style touch.

Pastel pink bespoke shirt, Albini fabric

Pastel pink and square collar, perfect for business casual styles, as well as formal attires with its pastel tone.

Blue striped bespoke shirt, Merino Brothers fabric

Heavier twill bespoke shirt, excellent draping. Strong presence with a point collar for a formal look.

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