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Bespoke Shirts Only.

At L’Atelier Monceau, we specialize in creating the best bespoke dress shirts for your needs.


Having shirt making as a secondary activity is often seen amongst suit makers, gentleman-style boutiques, this can lead to a lack of proper advice and visualization of the technical challenges that a special body shape can give.


L'Atelier Monceau proudly specializes in only dress shirts, made by us, we perpetuate the tradition of high-quality in-house-made tailoring.

All our shirts are expertly created by our teams of tailors, seamstress, and advisors with a common passion for delivering shirts that are made with purpose and precision.


Our store is located in the Daan district and our offices are located in our manufacturing atelier, in Taipei.


This allows for us to precisely communicate and coordinate our teams to create craft and deliver the best shirt you’ll ever wear.

襯衫款式 訂製襯衫 shirts bespoke shirts

Our Fabric Partners

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