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訂製襯衫 襯衫 bespoke shirts

How we work

At L’Atelier Monceau, we handcraft bespoke shirts, the process starts from the customer, you and your needs, how you want your shirt, what needs are to be met for your shirts.


As such we place the understanding of our customers as our priority. The best way to have a great shirt, a shirt that gives that sought after hinting of confidence when you wear it, is to know the customer’s personality and taste,


This is why all our shirts start with a private consultation with you, to get to know you and how to create together the shirt that suits your current needs.


Private consulation

量身定製 襯衫訂製 bespoke shirts

Private one on one consultation at our showroom to discuss how to make the best shirt for your needs.


The consultation will consist of several steps during which we will take your measurements as well as go through and discuss the different options to customize the shirt to your liking, from fabric to fitting and collars, cuffs…


The goal is to capture and render your personality into your shirt, a great shirt should help empower your personality, bring forth confidence when worn, that’s what we will strive to achieve together.


The estimated time for consultation would be 45 minutes to 1-hour. Consultation is a free service.


We create your shirt

From the second step, private one on one consultation, we’ll have together designed a shirt with a precise purpose and feeling to it.


Our master tailors work in alignment with the tradition of high-quality bespoke shirt crafting.


The boards are hand-made to the customer’s measurement, the tissue is hand-drawn and cut with precision and care using tailor scissors, then our seamstress will sew and assemble the pieces.

The shirts are then carefully inspected for every detail that makes a shirt truly shine.

襯衫訂製 手工製作 handmade shirts bespoke shirts
訂製襯衫 襯衫 bespoke shirts


Shirt delivery

We will schedule a final try in our showroom.*

This step is important in the process because it allows for the last details to be perfectly captured.

*Shirts following the first order can be directly sent to your desired location if need be.

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