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訂製襯衫 Bespoke shirt

Responsible Shirts

At l'Atelier Monceau, we believe in creating unique high-quality bespoke shirts for our customers, while doing so we also want to make sure that our work has as little impact as possible on the environment and brings a positive change in how fashion is made.

<<It's not only about creating but also about caring while doing so.>>


We are a bespoke dress shirt company, this means that we only produce shirts when there is an order from a customer.


Unlike the trend for fast fashion that became overly popular, we do not massively produce shirts to be waisted if not sold or seasonal textiles to be thrown at the end of the season.


Every Shirt we make is made with passion and purpose to fit a need, to be worn for years, and bring forth the personality and elegance of our customers.


Following this principle, we do not hold stock of any tissue, every order is started by ordering the right amount necessary for every shirt, no more.


Every shirt is special, made and ordered for upon demand, nothing more.


Eco responsible

At L’Atelier Monceau, we care about our customers, we care about delivering a best-in-class customer experience while minimizing the impact our activity can have on the environment.


We decided to eliminate as much plastic as possible from our operations.


All our packaging options are paper-based, easy to recycle, and eco-responsible.


Our fabric packaging sleeves are made to be reusable as a protective sleeve either at home when storing the shirts or when traveling for an easy solution to pack your cloth and keep them protected from potential damage (friction, leakage…) in the suitcase.


Own manufacturing

Unlike many brands, we own and operate our manufacturing atelier, this translates into us being able to precisely control every step of the manufacturing process for every dress shirt.


We precisely know what can and can't be done for your dress shirts, there is no back and forth discussion with an outsourced manufacturer where details can be lost or misunderstood.


Our advice is based on our real practice and understanding of tailoring art.


All the steps to create a great shirt that will enhance your character are under our control.

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